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Joint Committee on Taxation.


Juris Doctor.


Judicial Determination Required.


Joint Exempt Step-up Trusts.


Judicial Nominees Evaluation Commission.

Joint And Mutual Will

Where one document serves as the will of several people, with reciprocal or mirror image provisions for each of them.  It need not be contractual.

Joint Ownership

When two or more people own the same property at the same time, generally in equal shares, with the understanding that on the death of any one, the survivor(s) will own the whole.

Joint Property

Any property in joint ownership form (real and personal).

Joint Tenancy

A way to hold title to jointly owned property, real or personal.  When a joint tenant dies, the remaining tenant automatically acquire decedent’s interest in equal measure.  Property interests transferred by this right of survivorship do not pass through probate.

Joint Tenant

One of the joint owners in a joint ownership or a joint tenancy.

Joint Will

A will signed by two persons, usually husband and wife, purporting to dispose of the property of both.


Master of Science of Law.


Joint Tenancy.


Joint Tenants With Right Of Surviivorship.

Judicial Determination Required

When probate personal representative files the final accounting and petition to settle the estate, issues identified by the probate examiner are known as JDRs.